Sourcing Service

s of Our Services

Step 1, 【Suppliers Sourcing】Communicate with you about the products details you demand, help you find several matching excellent factories and quote to you in next 48 hours.

Step 2, 【Samples Comfirming】Collect and Send samples to you after confirming the price, delivery time and other information.

Step 3, 【Orders Placing】Place order after your sample confirmed, and check all details before order starting production .

Step 4, 【Quality Controling】Help you follow up production, quality control.

Step 5, 【Products Inspecting】Provide inspection report while production finished.

Step 6,【Logistic Arranging】Arrange logstic servicce and pay us service fee based on order amount before delivery.

Step 7, 【Orders CompletingPrepare the documents for customs clearance to you when goods arrived perfectly.